The Fannish Inquisition/Question Time will be held on Saturday Evening at 8:30pm in the Enhancement Ballroom.

This event is our traditional time for bids for future SMOFCon, Worldcons and NASFiCs.  Our usual highlight event, and will mostly be run as it has been in the recent past with written questions through our able moderators.  Those wishing to submit questions in advance may do so by sending email to, up to 6:30pm MST December 7, 2019 to ensure that we receive it prior to the convention.

The following FAQs have been received from Bids and seated conventions:

SMOFCon Bids

Seated Worldcons

Seated NASFiC

Worldcon Bids

Seated Westercons

SMOFCon 37 Response

For groups wishing to present at the Fannish Inquisition/Question Time - any groups bidding for a future SMOFCon, Worldcon, or NASFiC, as well as the two seated Worldcons - please visit our page for presenters for important information