Full attending memberships to SMOFCon 37 are $50.00 through at least September 30, 2019.  Rates after that date will be announced by mid-Febuary 2019.  Con-suite only memberships are $30.00 through the convention.  All memberships can be purchased through our site on Grenadine, here.

The public membership of SMOFCon 37 as of March 2, 2109 is listed below. Members with an asterisk by their name have not yet provided us with an email address, or explicitly declined to provide us with one. They are asked to send an email to SMOFCon 37 Information with their name and email, and we will update our information.

Judith Bemis
Gary S Blog
Katharine Bond
Stephen Boucher
Pam Burr
David A Cantor
Debi Chowdhury
Liz Crefin
Catelynn Cunningham
Linda Deneroff
Vincent Docherty
Christine Doyle
Donald E. Eastlake III
Jill Eastlake
Colette H Fozard
Deb Geisler
Janice Gelb
Cathy Green
Lisa Hayes
Mark Herrup
Elispeth Kovar
William Lawhorn
Alexis Layton
Sandra Levy
Mark Linneman
Jim Mann
Laurie Mann
Marilyn Mauer
Elizabeth McCarty
Robert McIntosh
Janice Murphy
Michael Nelson
Stephen Nelson
Ron Oakes
Tara Oakes
Bill Parker
Tony Parker
Sharon Pierce
Thresa Renner
Mark Richards
Kevin Roche
Ann Marie Rudolph
Lea Rush
John Sapienza
Amy Shuman
Michael Sprague
Kevin Standlee
Ian Stockdale
Bill Thomasson
Tex Thompson
Andrew Trembley
Barb Vantilburg
Becky Veal
Tom Veal
Leane Verhulst
Ben Yalow